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Want to get on purpose, skyrocket your confidence & achieve your goals on autopilot?

Click the button to start your application for a chance work with 1 on 1 with Joe Burns!

Imagine if...

✓ You got ON PURPOSE every morning

✓ You tapped into the well of confidence within you

✓ You attracted into your life deep fulfilling relationships

✓ You took your career to the next level that was both satisfying & meaningful

✓ You entered a flow state where you felt totally unstoppable

Do you want this to be your reality?





My 1:1 coaching program to help you get in control of your life and reprogram your subconscious mind so you can ultimately achieve your purpose in your career, relationships & life.

Reprogram Your Mind

Uplevel Your Career

Attract Fulfilling Relationships

Get On Purpose

The Problems We Solve...

Is this you?

confused person icon.png
  • Procrastinating on your goals

  • Mental blocks keeping you from taking action

  • Lost motivation & drive to move forward

  • Struggling in your relationships

  • Lack of momentum in your career

  • Unsure of your vision for the future

Our Blueprint...

Here's our approach.






Shift Perspective

Change the way you see the world and understand your life on a whole new level when you discover why you are the way you are.

Shatter Limiting Beliefs

Learn my 4-step process that will break your old limiting beliefs and help you take back control.

Get On Purpose

Start focusing on the areas in your life that you DO have control. Begin getting on purpose everyday, and watch how quickly things will begin to happen in your life.

Reprogram Your Mind

Your subconscious mind is what runs 95% for your behavior. This is what ultimately keeps you living out the same patterns in your life. We'll reprogram your subconscious mind so you can begin achieving your goals on autopilot.

Find Your Flow State

As you put into practice everything you learn inside The Mind On Purpose, you'll be effortless attracting massive amounts of abundance in your life. This is when you know you're ON PURPOSE.

By the end you will...

✓ Know your vision and have a plan

✓ You’ll have the skills to maintain momentum beyond

✓ Be equipped to stay on purpose the rest of your life

✓ Create a massive wave of success in your life

✓ Find an immense amount of joy

✓ Beam with confidence knowing how to be the ruler of your new destiny

✓ Be on purpose

How we're different...

What you won't be doing...

Simple talk therapy that doesn't engage the subconscious

Simply setting smart goals as a cure-all

Focusing on the negative

Relying on sheer willpower to move the needle

What you won't be doing...

Engaging your subconscious mind to create permanent change

Getting you in a habit of success

Reprogramming your limiting beliefs

Building new habits loops that catapults you into success

Seeing results right away in your relationships, career, life goals.



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I was referred to Joe by a close friend and he came highly recommended.  But to be honest had my friend told me I would experience this level of amazing results in both my relationship and my career AND in such a short amount of time- I wouldn't have worked with him because I would have thought it "too good to be true".  But my results have truly been THAT great - this guy is for real...his ON PURPOSE method is for real...and you can't find a better coach anywhere! 

Rocky Y.

Joe is not only an amazing coach - but but he is one of the most amazing people I have ever met.  Joe has helped me transform my life beyond the my biggest expectations.  I'm now working in my dream job and in a great relationship.  i learn something new about myself every time we have a session, or talk about life. If you are stuck, frustrated, lost or simply looking for a change, Get on Purpose. It's worth it.

Tommy T.

I came to Joe when I was at a true low.  I felt my career was stalling and I had just had a rough breakup from a long-term relationship.  I felt stuck and hopeless.  i can't tell you how amazing it has been working with Joe.  He a specific system along with a natural way of bringing out your best...of getting you On Purpose and finding your way to your ultimate Purpose! 

Michael N.

Joe is simply a miracle worker - I have referred friend after friend to him and have seen so many of them have the most amazing breakthroughs and transformations in both their relationship and careers.  I can honestly say he saved my life.

Dini L.

Joe has been an amazing Coach and hypnotist.  He has really helped me shift my perspective in BOTH my career and my personal life.  Our working together has allowed me to recognize the obstacles that were holding me back and create a game plan to help me reprogram my subconscious mind and achieve a state of FLOW.  I have achieved AMAZING results in a very short amount of time in working with Joe and I am truly excited to continue – this work is life-changing


Blake L.

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