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Motu Patlu - King Of Kings Hindi Movie In 720p Download

Motu Patlu - King of Kings: A Review

Motu Patlu - King of Kings is a 2016 Indian 3D computer-animated adventure comedy film directed by Suhas D. Kadav and produced by Ketan Mehta. The film was inspired by the popular TV series Motu Patlu, which itself was adapted from characters published by Lotpot magazine. It is the first feature-length film based on the characters. The film was released on 14 October 2016 and became a successful venture at the box office.


The film follows the adventures of two friends, Motu and Patlu, as they embark on various comedic escapades and battles against their rival, John the Don. The film also introduces Guddu Ghalib, a vegetarian lion who escapes from a circus and joins Motu and Patlu in their journey to save the jungle from an evil poacher named Narsimha. The film features the voice talents of Saurav Chakraborty, Vinay Pathak, Vishal Bhardwaj, and others.

The film received mixed reviews from critics, who appreciated its voice performances, humor, and animation but criticized its plot, violence and editing. Some critics praised the film for its message of environmental conservation and animal rights, while others found it too preachy and unrealistic. The film was also compared to other animated films such as The Lion King, Madagascar, and Ice Age.

Overall, Motu Patlu - King of Kings is a fun and entertaining film for children and fans of the TV series. It offers a colorful and lively animation, a catchy soundtrack, and a humorous story with some moral lessons. However, it may not appeal to everyone due to its simplistic plot, excessive violence, and lack of originality.


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