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Haystak-Crackavelli (cd2) Full Album Zip

Haystak-Crackavelli (cd2) full album zip

Haystak is an American rapper from Nashville, Tennessee, who has been active since 1998. He is known for his southern rap style and his collaborations with other artists such as Jelly Roll, Young Buck, and Brabo Gator. Haystak has released over 30 albums and mixtapes, including his most popular one, Crackavelli.

Crackavelli is a double album by Haystak, released in 2007 by 40 West Records and Street Flavor Records. The album consists of two discs, each containing 15 tracks. The album features guest appearances from Jelly Roll, Brabo Gator, Lil Wyte, Bubba Sparxxx, and more. The album covers various topics such as Haystak's life, struggles, success, and love. The album also showcases Haystak's versatility as a rapper, as he switches from hardcore to smooth to humorous to emotional lyrics.


The second disc of Crackavelli is considered by many fans to be the better one, as it contains some of Haystak's most memorable songs. Some of the highlights of the second disc are:

  • Bonnie and Clyde: A song about Haystak's relationship with his wife, Crystal. The song compares their love to that of the infamous outlaw couple, Bonnie and Clyde. The song features a catchy chorus sung by Jelly Roll and a sample from Jay-Z's "'03 Bonnie & Clyde".

  • My First Day: A song about Haystak's first day out of prison, after serving a three-year sentence for drug charges. The song describes how Haystak felt when he saw his family, friends, and fans again. The song also reflects on how Haystak changed during his time behind bars and how he plans to stay out of trouble.

  • Let's Ride: A song about Haystak's passion for riding motorcycles. The song features a guest verse from Bubba Sparxxx and a sample from Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Free Bird". The song is an anthem for bikers and rebels who love the freedom of the road.

  • All By Myself: A song about Haystak's independence and self-reliance. The song expresses how Haystak does not need anyone else to make it in the rap game or in life. The song also challenges anyone who doubts or hates on Haystak to face him one-on-one.

  • Some Of That: A song about Haystak's sexual prowess and appetite. The song features a guest verse from Lil Wyte and a sample from Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On". The song is a humorous and explicit display of Haystak's confidence and charisma.

The second disc of Crackavelli is a masterpiece of southern rap, showcasing Haystak's skills, personality, and diversity as an artist. The album is available for download in zip format from various sources on the internet , or you can stream it online from SoundCloud. If you are a fan of Haystak or southern rap in general, you should definitely check out Crackavelli (cd2) full album zip.


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